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Teamwork at iQmine

Competence, quality and reliability are the foundation of iQmine’s success

The collaboration

At iQmine, we not only cultivate a culture of informality from the interns to the CEO, but we also clearly emphasize a flat hierarchy. Accountability and outstanding performance in alignment with demand is achieved efficiently through each team members engagement. Team leadership means for us the ownership of organizational deliverables rather than monitoring of tasks. In management, operational business including customer and partner support is lead by Ralf Ramrath, while strategic leadership resides with Güven Kivran.

The team

Our teams in Munich and Istanbul consist of early career developers as well as experts. The fast changing knowledge in our industry requires innovative knowledge management that requires curiosity, openness and trust. Careers are encouraged to be developed unique to the individual. Flexible working hours are just as much a part of the working culture as a willingness to learn from mistakes. Innovative ideas are discussed and deepened in collaborative meetings. Development is fun!

Take joy from performance!

Above and beyond engagement is rewarded with competitive/above-market salaries, which is supplemented by bonuses in the event of exceeding corporate performance. The same applies to the number of holiday and flex days. End of December all of us take a break for two weeks. This is the time for family and friends. Expertise is our business and is always promoted. We work hard, play hard. Celebrations together and social events are often. Respect and trust are the basis of cooperation and only work on a reciprocal basis. People are the key ingredient to our success!

iQmine: Our values

As an engineering service provider, we focus our efforts on the needs of our customers.
We invest in our competencies, share our knowledge and are motivated by recognition of major achievements.

iQmine: Project structure

iQmine follows a predominantly project-based structure of engagement

This allows us to leverage our distributed talent and competences across our locations in Munich and Istanbul. The respective structure of a project is defined basis the content. Close cooperation is enabled by direct alignment of developers and domain experts, as well as with the point of client contact. See typical project setup. 

The engineering and project teams are empowered to work together to achieve the deliverables our of projects The team is supported by the respective account manager, who reports to the management at the appropriate meta level to ensure overall integration.

iQmine follows a predominantly project-based structure of engagement
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